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We are a private investment company located in Palo Alto, California.  The firm was established in 2005 by entrepreneurs with a history of building successful technology- based enterprises, raising hundreds of millions of dollars, and building world class management teams. Our focus is on private and public investments in the areas of e-commerce services, networking and infrastructure, semi-conductors and components, infrastructure software, and telecom services.

Our Approach

Most systems in nature are inherently non-linear and fractal and therefore unpredictable and chaotic.  It takes a very special creative mind to be able to view a chaotic system and realize that the discernment between chaos and order is merely a point of view and with the proper focus to be able to render aspects of reality that might otherwise be lost in the detail.  With this unique perspective, it often only takes a small change to render order out of chaos.  The act of bringing order to a chaotic system is known in chaos theory as the “strange attractor.” A quiet eddy in an otherwise turbulent stream, the circular pattern of a hurricane in a violent storm and the chaotic yet oddly ordered fractal graphics shown below are all examples of the magical strange attractor in chaotic systems.

               The Strange Attractor

The strange attractor well describes the very essence of entrepreneurial creativity. A true creator  investigates all that has come before, then ventures down time's arrow into the unknown and brings back a glimpse of the future and marries it to what is known.  The successful entrepreneur has the unique ability to predict and enact the changes necessary to engender new coherent form from old chaotic patterns or ideas and thereby create things deemed quite valuable to society.  A unique feature of attractors in chaotic systems is that initial points outside the structure are sucked into the attractor, and then can no longer escape.  The entrepreneur's ability to bring order to an otherwise chaotic system exerts a similar magnetic appeal on all those near enough to be attracted.  This ability to captivate human resource, attract that resource into the ordered system thereby expanding its dimensions and then iterate this process is the essence of growing an entrepreneurial enterprise.


The strange attractor phenomena is not only very magnetic and powerful, it also exhibits a very sensitive dependence on the initial conditions.  A minor change to only one parameter can redirect the solution into something very different or send it spinning into chaos.  This is descriptive of the very fragile nature of a fledgling entrepreneurial venture where the correct influence, the addition of a critical human resource, or a simple decision at the appropriate time can mean the difference between success and failure.


As entrepreneurs and business leaders with both success and failure in our past, we uniquely understand the simultaneously powerful and yet very fragile nature of the value creation idea and the position of the entrepreneur or change agent as the strange attractor in the system.  We place great value on that delicate balance and work to enhance and add to the momentum that is inherent in a dynamic startup or transition environment.  We realize that even small changes can lead to large unpredictable consequences and hold profound respect for the ordered system that the entrepreneur or change agent is creating.  We are there to introduce unique resources when necessary into the basin of attraction and gain incredible satisfaction as we see those resources absorbed and magnified by the entrepreneur.  As entrepreneurs, we uniquely realize that without the entrepreneur there would be no opportunity and our sole objective is to support and aid in the creation of the entrepreneur's vision.