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Entrepreneurial Creativity

It only takes a small change to render a system chaotic, or conversely to bring order to chaos.  The act of bringing order to chaos is dubbed the “strange attractor” in chaos theory and well describes the very essence of entrepreneurial creativity. The true entrepreneur is able to see down time’s arrow and predict the changes necessary to engender new coherent form from old patterns or ideas and thereby create incredible value for society.

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People First

We are not venture capitalists nor investment professionals with investment company backgrounds.  We are entrepreneurs and operators that understand the needs of early stage companies and their founders as well as more established companies undergoing transition.  We are most drawn to opportunities where we can augment investment with the injection of management expertise.

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Investment Focus

We are a private investment firm focused on supporting the entrepreneurial process throughout the life-cycle of an enterprise with specific emphasis in the areas of communications, media and information technology.  We are stage agnostic, investing in early stage ventures, mezzanine financings, debt, and special situations in both private and public companies.